Friday, 14 November 2014


#9 A.J.A. c40

Idiosyncratic electronic music from members (present & past) of Repairs. Obstinately an oblique tribute to Beckett & Fagan. Excerpts of neon tube interiors & electrically lit late night parks. 

#10 Nicky Crane c20

Fractured electronic music by journeyman James Vinciguerra. Internal monologues made external. Doesn't really sound like anyone else. Maybe if Graham Lambkin teamed up with the Burrell Brothers or something…?!

#11 Striker c20

Garage band NWOBHM; hard-ware humans & MIDI software. From the depths of Gippsland, circa early 2000's. Classic sounds for cruising the decayed highways.

Prior releases possibly available, NO BULK ORDERS.
$5 each.

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