Monday, 11 March 2013


PS. "Cassette Edition of 50; Handstamped, cobalt grade tapes. "The debut release of Australia+s Jarrod Zlatic+s Mud Brick Couch project. Most know Zlatic as 1/2 of DIY unit, The Fabulous Diamonds. Mud Brick Couch expands that abstracted dub enigma inherent to so much of the Diamonds sound into a classic, minimal raw electronic field that is more mortar crumble than concrete or steel. The Mud Brick Couch debut has the immediacy of those classic early 90s French or Japanese noise tapes with the rhythmic, bleed-stretch dub and tape aura of every monolithic electronic industrial group up to Basic Channel. Ultimately, though, its the organically thick spirit of urban repetition and surveilled atmosphere in Mud Brick Couch that puts Zlatic+s process miles ahead of any of these plastic contemporary techno revisionists." - Hierodule Ed. "

Available from; Hierodule and usual suspects (ie. Volcanic Tongue, Fusetron)

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