Wednesday, 30 May 2012



Steely Dan - Home At Last
Gilbert Einaudi - Speedy Marilyn & Amphe Bogey
Jean-Michel Beriat - Une Larme Sous La Pluie
Air (AUS) - The Sea
His People - God Is Alive
Moonstone - Cointreau
John Foxx - The Garden
Martin Von Oswald Trio - Structure 2
Akina Nakamori - Solitude
Subverse - Chance Romance
A.C. Marias A.C. - Drop
Veli-Matti O Aijala - Raskas Takka
Anar Band - Sandokan
Andrew Thomas Wilson - Carnarvon, Movement VII (The Tides)
Ron Aspery - Life on Earth (Parts I,II,III)
Kansas City Jammers - Chess Pieces
Mike Handcock - Night Comes (pt. II)
Parameter - Harvington Hall
Killer Kane Band - Don't Need You
Benyamin Sueb - Langtung Langtung
Rob Thomsett - Entrance to Warrambool (Part II)
Ravi Shankar - The Enchanted Dawn
Mike Nesmith - Life, The Unsuspecting Captive
John Elder - Oceanic Cafe
Chris Neal - Night
Coum Transmissions - Nude Supper

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